Saturday, November 29, 2008


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USA Visa interview.

The most nervous part for all the aspiring students who wish to study in the united states of america. I have seen a lot of people who have got really high scores in the GRE and TOEFL but still they will not be able to make up to get their student visa. whats the reason?

The most common reason what they would tell is potential immigrant. uhh? Is this a good reason for them to reject a visa for students? No way. Believe me or not, they dont care about how much percentage of score we have got but they really care about how many arrears we have got in the past.

Things are pretty simple inside the us consulate. I can tell you whether you would get the visa or not even before you attend the visa.

Things they look at:

1. You should not have too many backdrops(more than 6 is too many).

2. Be sure to speak english properly and clearly. They dont expect us to speak their way but they want to make a conversation. Believe me or not americans are all very gregarious. So you can crack some nice jokes, give them some nice compliments(as long as it is decent). As a matter of fact doing these would increase your chances of getting a visa.

3. Have a strong finaincial statement. have enough to cover your studies and living. Dont show them toooo much as they would again suspect you as potential immiggrant(yes it is stupid).

4. Dress neatly and be presentable.

If you do all these then you know what? You have the usa visa in your passport.

You can also ask me more questions on this and how to go for an visa by email.

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Hello People

Hello people,

I am sorry for not posting blogs for few months. I was with a lot of work and went through a lot of interesting things in my life. I will let you all know them one by one from now on. Let me start my blogs again .

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Connecting DB to swing is made so very easy that u have to call the server from the client. The only thing we need to do is to give the IP address of the application in the place where we would give localhost or something which would define the name of the system where it would work...

There are 4 different ways to connect a DB to any application... Probably the method 4 would be the easiest to use as far as the networking of the DB are concerned.. you could find many different sites offering information abt how to connect and make a global DB and stuff.\\
I have not implemented all these as of now but i would be trying it soon....., Hope for another post within few days...

Luck never helps

The worst thing to depend upon on earth is LUCK. This stupid stuff will not help anyone at the needed time. The even more worse part is that it would make us wait and would let us drop in the end. The common scenario is that only when luck is not favouring us we would think that it have favoured others. One thing which we always forget is that we are also someone for someone else. The best thing to do is not to trust on LUCK and let the LUCK to trust on us.

work hard

Friday, March 7, 2008

Vadivelu- Best Comedian

Vadivelu is the best comedian in the Kollywood ....the best thing abt this guy is his slang.... Of course there are other good ppl like vivek and so on but the point is that vivek could be a little boring at times because of his messages or his stereotypic old slang . Morevoer his comments would be a little harsh though they are right therby he will not be able to cover the entire group of audience... On the other hand vadivelu is super cool...he is not so civilised in real life but still he is better on screen\..... the way he changes his voice and face is so very funny and makes us laugh even without thinking...

make my click

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